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Cosmetic License

Cosmetic License

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Section 3(aaa) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 defines cosmetic as, any article intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled or sprayed on, or introduced into, or otherwise applied to, the human body or any part thereof for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness or altering the appearance, and includes any article intended for use as a component of cosmetic.


Cosmetic License

Under the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945. Schedule M-II classifies cosmetics into 11 broad product categories like

  • 1: Powders
  • 2: Creams, lotions, cleansing, milk, shampoos, pomade, shaving creams, hair oils etc.
  • 3: Nail polishes and Nail lacquers
  • 4: Lipsticks and Lip-gloss
  • 5: Depilatories
  • 6: Preparations used for eyes
  • 7: Aerosol
  • 8: Alcoholic Fragrance Solutions
  • 9: Hair Dyes
  • 10: Tooth powder and toothpaste
  • 11: Toilet soaps

BENEFITS OF Cosmetic License

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  • 1: It is mandatory for all businesses that deal with cosmetics to secure a license.
  • 2: People in the pharma sector can expand their wholesale business and gain the trust of retailers who will not hesitate in dealing with a person who has obtained the license with concerned authority.
  • 3: Any entity, after obtaining a Drug license can do business without the fear of being caught.
  • 4: Having a drug license can help individuals/businesses avail of several benefits and avert penalties.


Cosmetic License

It is required of the manufacturers to ensure that the production of cosmetics is done in the presence of a competent and qualified technical staff and at least one of the staff personnel should possess the following educational requirements:

  • A: Holds a Diploma in Pharmacy approved by the Pharmacy Council of India under the Pharmacy Act, 1948; or
  • B: is registered under the Pharmacy Act, 1948.
  • C: Has passed the intermediate examination with Chemistry as one of the subjects or any other examination as recognized by the Licensing Authority as equivalent to it.


Cosmetic License

  • * Go to the link
  • * Signup, create your login credentials and submit all the details with valid e-mail id and mobile number (for alerts).
  • * Login into the portal.
  • * Select department and select type of form.
  • * Choose the type of application.
  • * After final submission, view the form details.
  • * It will be re-directed to the "Preview" page which shows all the information entered by the user.
  • * Click on "Edit" button to do any modifications in the filled form.
  • * View the form details and click on "Save and Continue" button to proceed further.
  • * Once moved to "Checklist" page, any further modifications in the application form will not be allowed.
  • * Click on each point to upload document electronically.
  • * Documents which need to be uploaded will vary from point to point.
  • * Upload all the documents and click on "Submit" button on the checklist page to proceed further.
  • * It will be re-directed to the "Payment".
  • * Fill the form details and click on "Submit" button to proceed further.
  • * It will be re-directed to the " Preview" page.
  • * Click on "PDF" button to generate the PDF of the duly filled form.
  • * Click on "Continue " button to proceed further.
  • * To submit the documents electronically click on 'browse' button and select the file from your system. Click on "Submit" button to proceed further.
  • * Upload Form 42 here, which was downloaded as PDF earlier in Full Preview page.
  • * RC Application will be submitted successfully and online application will be forwarded to the respective Designated Officer.
  • * Submitted application will be reviewed by the Designated Officer for compliance of required documents registration
  • * If the application is found to be satisfactory in all respect, the same will be forwarded for approval of Licensing Authority. Once approved, the approval letter will be available in Applicants SUGAM dashboard.
  • * If the application is not found satisfactory, then discrepancies in the application are intimated to the applicant in the SUGAM Portal.
  • * After the discrepancies are complied, it is then processed for approval.

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